Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Honest Covert Viral Wizard Review
A Honest Covert Viral Wizard Review
Covert Viral Wizard is created by Cindy Battye, Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & aka The IM Wealth Builders. They're known for many of their previous amazing theme, the Pinterest inspired “PinPress” or the Youtube inspired “VideoPress”, or even the most up-to-date Social inspired “Social Press”. Now Covert Viral Wizard is their brand new Wp theme that complete with step-by-step setup wizard and bite sized tutorial videos for every single setting inside the admin area.

With full functions of a basic Wp theme, Covert Viral Wizard is included with features which never seen in any of themes out there! Including : Step-By-Step wizard for establishing and customizing every part of the web site,mini tutorial videos for each setting in the admin area – exactly where you need them whenever you need them,Point and click interface for adding new posts, making is a 100x simpler than using standard Wordpress.Covert Viral Wizard is built to copy Tumblr tapping into the familiarity they have already generated and has full integration with the big social networks like Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and naturally Tumblr.Covert Viral Wizard is created to improve the odds of your content going viral on social media and it feels like a million bucks – plus it’s so simple to modify the exact you need it.

Any person can use Covert Viral Wizard because it is very easy to use. The only real requirement is that you really want to improve your weblog and have some extremely basic skills online. That’s all.At any moment, with Covert Viral Wizard you may make your wordpress blog be more attractive to visitors. The most crucial thing is that you can increase targeted website traffic in social websites and having your content go viral. Still don’t trust me yet, check it out yourself now!

In conclusion, if you are seeking a great theme for your weblog, Covert Viral Wizard is best choice, for many great features already mentioned and the small price, I'm sure that Covert Viral Wizard is a profitable investment. Covert Viral Wizard provides you with 100% money back guarantee– no question asked.

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