Friday, August 2, 2013

Simplicity is an Art Form in Highland Park
Simplicity is an Art Form in Highland Park
I love this Spanish style home in Highland Park every time I see it. The previous homeowners, Michael and Alice, are architects who nail the discipline of simpleness in each and every nook they touch. They kill it in this home.
This particular house is nestled in the hillside and a little bit off the beaten path.
The higher than average ceilings, hard wood floors, and recessed lighting fixtures, white walls and an alternative color on one wall adds to the airy, accessible atmosphere of the inside.
Measuring in at 894 square feet this house uses each and every inch of space prudently. Sliding glass doors open onto a deck making the living room feel larger.
Built-in storage is tucked away in push touch cabinets.
The theme of simplicity continues in the bath room.
Marimekko fabric is used to hide the washer dryer that was moved to a space below.
The galley style kitchen space is full of customized built-ins.
The kitchen leads out to a secluded backyard.
The studio now has concrete floors. And I love the TV away from the main living space.
There’s much more lounging space to kick your feet up. This home last sold for $578,000. They’re currently asking $649,000 for this little gem.
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